Faculty may visit partner schools for shorter or longer-term sojourns or sabbaticals, or for lecturing or research purposes. A number of EHESP Faculty have already come to the Mailman School, as many Mailman faculty have also visited EHESP.

Scholar mobility may take several forms, depending on faculty interest on both sides, availability of funding and host interest and expertise. Faculty may stay for just a few days for lectures or scientific exchanges, while others might stay for months. Longer stays are usually to write joint research proposals, design or develop novel training programs or advance on scientific papers or endeavors. The Alliance office may assist in identifying suitable faculty matches, although faculty often determine this on their own.

Faculty interested in participating in this program should complete a short application form and return it to

Application for EHESP faculty

Application for Mailman faculty

Europubhealth Consortium Mobility Scholarship

Erasmus Mundus program (through Europubhealth) provides funds to individual scholars interested in conducting research or teaching at partner institutions. EHESP/Europubhealth faculty are eligible to apply for this mobility grant for travel to the Mailman School.

Mailman faculty are eligible for  Scholarship type 1 mobility grants to visit maximum two of the any European partner HEIs. Those schools include full partners like EHESP (rennes or Paris, France) the University of Granada – Andalusian School of Public Health (Spain), University of Sheffield (UK), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the University of Rennes 1 (France), Institute of Political Studies of Rennes (France), or Jagiellonian University of Krakow (Poland).


EHESP/Europubhealth faculty are eligble to apply for this mobility grant for travel to the Mailman School (Scholarship Type 2). Travel must be completed by July 3, 2015 with a minimum stay of 2 weeks and a maximum stay of 3 months at a grant level of 1,200€ per week.

For scholarship type 1 (Mailman Applicants),  selection will be made by a committee composed of all Europubhealth consortium members.

For scholaraship type 2 (EHESP/Europubhealth faculty), selection will be conducted by an interdepartmental committee balanced with applicants expertise at Mailman-Columbia.

EMMC scholars holding an Erasmus Mundus scholarship must:

  • Commit themselves to actively participate in the masters course activities

  • Spend a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of three months in the partner HEIs

  • Perform teaching/research/student tutoring activities:

    1. in one or two of the chosen European partner HEIs (for scholars from Mailman)

    2. in Columbia Mailman (for scholars from European partner HEIs)

  •  Bring concrete added value to the course and students (through teaching of specific classes, leading and participating in seminars or workshops, monitoring and tutoring student research/project activities, participating in thesis reviews, preparing new teaching modules, etc.)

  • Contribute, after their visiting scholar activities, to the promotion and dissemination of the Erasmus Mundus Programme in general, and the EMMC concerned in particular, in their HEI and country of origin

  • Produce an activity report by the end of their mission (5-10 pages) which will be sent to the European commission;

  • Make an evaluation of his mission within the institutions.

Interested Mailman faculty should complete the application form and return it to