Summer Public Health Scholars Program Resident/Teaching Assistant Application

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Summer Public Health Scholars Program
Open to Students

SPHSP are now in the process of hiring RAs and TAs for their summer program. Please find program information as well as Roles and Responsibilities below.

Please email for application details. Applications are due February 27.

Columbia University Medical Center

Summer Public Health Scholars Program (SPHSP)

Resident/Teaching Assistant Responsibilities

Program & Housing Dates:

May 31st:

All program participants and staff move into Columbia Conference Housing in the Morningside Campus.

August 1st:

Move out.

On-Call Schedule

Assistants will be required to live on-campus with the students between May 31st and August 1st. During that time, assistants will be required to sign up for an ‘On Call’ schedule. While an assistant is On Call, they must carry the program’s cellular phone in case of emergency. While On Call, the individual must be no more than 10 minutes away from the dorm hall. The On Call time period is from 9:00 AM – 9:00 AM on assigned days.

Policy note: In case of an emergency, if an RA cannot meet the on-call time, the RA must notify the Office of Diversity staff 1 week in advance of inability to perform on-call duties on a specific date. In addition to getting this change in schedule approved, RAs must find their own replacement coverage.

Lecture Attendance/ Teaching Assistant

Assistants must be available all day Thursday and Friday during the 10 weeks of the summer. During these days Assistants will:

 Take attendance during all classes and seminars

 Assist professors during classes and seminars

 Lead their own TA sessions, including case analyses, review of course material, and reflection of student internships

 Chaperone during field trips

 Other duties as assigned

Office Hours

Assistants will be asked to hold regular weekly “office” hours in the dorms wherein they provide academic support for students. This will include help with:

 Coursework

 Case analyses

 Final paper & presentation

Student Evaluations

Assistants will be responsible for providing final evaluations of students in their TA group. In addition, Assistants will be expected to grade and

Weekly Staff Meetings

All RA/TA’s must attend the weekly staff meeting held every Tuesday from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

Weekend Social Events

Every RA is required to sign up to be the coordinator of a weekend social event and co-chaperone for

another event.

Neighborhood & Campus Tours

In an effort to familiarize SPHSP students with their new surroundings, all RAs are responsible for taking

their group of students on a tour of the local Morningside, Harlem, and Washington Heights


Site Visits

Students are assigned to internships around NYC for the summer. Assistants will be expected to assist the

Program Coordinator by performing two site visits per student for a total of 10 students. Site visits are to

be completed on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays depending on the availability of internship


Other Duties as assigned.


Assistants will receive:

 Two Unlimited Monthly MetroCards for the summer

 Free housing on Columbia University’s Morningside Campus

 A stipend of $3250


Carlos Correa