Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Training

8:00 am
5:30 pm
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Director: Norman Kleiman, PhD; several instructors
Norman Kleiman, PhD, Columbia University
Department of Environmental Health Sciences
Open to the Public

Join us for two long weekends in New York City for the required 40 hours of training to become a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)! This course meets the training requirement for a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) type C license, providing the skills needed to successfully implement a radiation protection program in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, university, hospital, or medical laboratory setting.

The NRC requires any organization that uses radioactive material to have a licensed, designated Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). This course is designed to help such organizations apply for or renew their license for use of radioactive materials. The course is not intended to meet the licensing requirements for medical use of radionuclides or fluoroscopic imaging.

The curricula is designed for individuals working in academia, industry, and government laboratories seeking training in the safe handling of radioisotopes to meet local, state, or federal regulatory and/or training requirements. Course instructors, with faculty appointments at Columbia University and the Columbia University Medical Center, are experts in their fields. They include faculty from the Center for Radiological Research, the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, the Department of Medicine and the Department of Environmental Health & Safety.

- Paid Registration required to attend: https://columbia-workshops.regfox.com/2019-radiation-safety-officer
- More information about course objectives, registration deadlines, fees, and logistics: https://www.mailman.columbia.edu/rso-training
- Email Course Director Dr. Norman Kleiman with questions: njk3 [at] cumc.columbia.edu


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