Peace and Presence Voice Journey (presented by SVR)

5:45 pm
7:00 pm
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A Mindfulness Series: Columbia University Sexual Violence Response invites you to join us for Peace and Presence, a series of diverse holistic wellness workshops for student survivors and co-survivors of sexual trauma and intimate partner violence. These sessions will explore non-verbal and experiential healing techniques, self-calming tools, and guide you in incorporating mindfulness into your daily lives. This workshop guides participants to experience the intrinsic power of their voices through simple, accessible, and liberatory practices of creativity & sound, including toning, chanting, singing, and sound-making. The Voice Journey approach emphasizes not only strengthening vocal technique–expanding where you can take your voice– but also increasing awareness of the powerful nature of vocal vibration as it relates to physical, mental, and emotional states and exploring where your voice can take you. With continued practice, the concepts introduced open pathways for each participant's unique "voice journey" to unfold and become an integrated element of self-care, healing and growth. No singing experience necessary.