Final Day for CubMail to Exchange Transition

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As you may be aware, the University is moving all Medical Center students to a new e-mail system, Exchange. This change is in response to a government regulation requiring additional data privacy protections not afforded by LionMail, the system used on the main campus. These new regulations require that all CUMC work take place over Exchange, a more secure e-mail system.

This e-mail transition will begin on Monday, December 22. At that time, an Exchange account will be automatically created for you.

Here is what you need to know to make the most of your new e-mail account:

• Your new Medical Center e-mail address will be However, you will still receive any e-mails sent to — all e-mails will be auto-forwarded from the old system to the new.

• Once created, you will have a 30-day transition period where emails will be sent to both your old CubMail account and new Exchange Account.

• After the 30-day transition period, CubMail will be deleted and you will only be able to access email via Exchange.

• Mail forwarding to email services such as Gmail will NOT be permitted.

Here is what you need to do to make the most of your new e-mail account:

• When your account is ready (Monday, December 22), you will receive an e-mail from CUMC IT with your new login credentials.

• Once you receive your new credentials, you should ONLY check your e-mail at the following address for the Outlook Web App: Please refrain from using your accustomed CubMail login.

• Should you like to have continued access to stored email in your CubMail, you will need to transfer those emails from CubMail to a desktop email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. You will have until January 31st to complete the transfer. Once set up, the desktop e-mail client also allows you access to your email without having to visit

• Please take advantage of the 30-day transition period. After that, any e-mails still on the old system will be deleted.

The link to the web page below provide a step-by-step guide to (1) set up Outlook with your new Exchange account, (2) link your old CubMail account to the new e-mail client, and (3) how to set-up an archive so that you can more easily manage your e-mail storage space — your new account comes with 1GB of mail storage. The web page and videos will be live on Monday, December 22nd when your new email accounts are active.

• Video Step 1: Setting up Outlook with Exchange

• Video Step 2: Bringing Cubmail into Outlook

• Video 3: Creating an e-mail archive

You should feel free to reach out to the CUMC IT Help Desk located on the second floor of the Hammer Health Sciences Building if you have any trouble accessing your new account.


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