Epigenetics Boot Camp (Live-stream, virtual)

Planning and Analyzing DNA Methylation Studies
10:00 am
6:00 pm
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Andrea Baccarelli, MD, MPH, PhD, Columbia University; Andres Cardenas, PhD, MPH, UC Berkeley; Elena Colicino, PhD, Mt. Sinai; Jonathan Heiss, PhD, Mt. Sinai; Allan Just, PhD; Mt. Sinai; Allison Kupsco, PhD, Columbia. Keynote Speaker:
Keynote Speaker: John Greally, PhD, Albert Einstein School of Medicine
Department of Environmental Health Sciences
Columbia SHARP Training Program
Open to the Public
**Due to the uncertainty in the coming months around COVID-19, we are transitioning the Epigenetics Boot Camp to a live-stream, virtual training for this summer. With so many conferences and events being cancelled, we hope that offering this training to be “in-person” via a live-stream, remote format will allow our scientific community to continue learning and developing professionally together. We are working hard on integrating these hands-on skills to an interactive online format.**

The Epigenetics Boot Camp is a two-day intensive boot camp of seminars and hands-on analytical sessions to provide an overview of concepts, techniques, and data analysis methods utilized in human epigenetics studies.

This two-day intensive boot camp integrates the principle concepts of epigenetics and the effects of risk factors on the epigenome as we step through the key components of designing and executing DNA methylation studies. Led by a team of scientists with more than 40 years of combined expertise in the field of environmental epigenetics, this epigenetics training will integrate seminar lectures with hands-on computer sessions to put concepts into practice. Emphasis will be given to leveraging existing resources from ongoing studies and initiating new investigations. The afternoon lab sessions will provide an opportunity to work hands-on with real methylation data generated by the Illumina Infinium MethylationEPIC (850k) BeadChip platform. Participants will learn and practice data handling, cleaning, and basic analysis of epigenome-wide DNA methylation data.

By the end of the epigenetics training, participants will be familiar with the following topics:

- Principles of epigenetics
- Concept ideation and study design
- Sample collection and processing
- Laboratory methods and platforms for analysis
- Data handling and cleaning
- Data analysis
- Study design advantages and pitfalls
- Emerging epigenetic topics and laboratory platforms

Investigators at all career stages are welcome to attend, and we particularly encourage trainees and early-stage investigators to participate.

Each participant is required to bring a personal laptop as all lab sessions will be done on your personal laptop. Tablets and ipads will not work with the platform being used. The Boot Camp will use data sets in R, therefore participants must have a basic understanding of this platform prior to attending the Boot Camp. If you have never used this platform before, make sure to step through all the tutorials outlined below so you have the basic skills needed for Boot Camp success.

Capacity is limited. Registration is required to attend.


JoAnn Schneider, MPA