Enumerating Children Outside of Family Care

11:30 am
1:00 pm
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B2 Conference Room
Dr. Lindsay Stark
The Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health
Seminar Series
The Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health
Open to the Columbia Community
The Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health Seminar Series

Presents: Dr. Lindsay Stark

Discussing: Enumerating Children Outside of Family Care

Research has shown that one of the most significant threats to children’s wellbeing is the absence of love and attention that comes from a permanently engaged parent or caregiver. Children who are outside of family care often experience a higher prevalence of violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation, lack of stimulation, poor health, and inadequate nutrition – all contributing to negative long-term outcomes. Preventing and responding to the needs of children outside of family care presents many challenges. Yet without an accurate understanding of the magnitude and distribution of this population, success towards meeting these challenges cannot be measured.

Lindsay Stark is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Population and Family Health in Columbia University's Program on Forced Migration and Health. She has over a decade of experience leading applied research on protection of women and children in humanitarian settings. Dr. Stark's particular area of expertise is measuring sensitive and difficult-to-measure social phenomenon. Dr. Stark has led assessment and evaluation projects in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. She has also helped pioneer the development of new methodologies such as the Neighborhood Method to assess incidence of human rights violations, a Participatory Ranking Method that has been included in a recent World Health Organization assessment toolkit, and the Child Protection Rapid Assessment in Emergencies Toolkit developed by the global Child Protection Working Group. Dr. Stark is the author of multiple publications on the rehabilitation and resiliency of former child soldiers and survivors of sexual violence, and previously served as the Director of Research and Curriculum at the Center on Child Protection, a teaching and research center jointly established by Columbia University, the University of Indonesia, UNICEF and the Government of Indonesia. Dr. Stark currently serves as Principal Investigator and Executive Director of the Child Protection in Crisis (CPC) Learning Network, a consortium of agencies and academic institutions that work together on global learning associated with children in disaster and war settings.

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