EHS Seminar: PrIMER Research Presentations

Environmental Health Sciences Seminar
11:45 am
1:00 pm
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Charlene Redhead, Dahiana Pena, Salwa Najmi, Monique Slowly
PrIMER Research Program
Seminar Series
Department of Environmental Health Sciences
Open to the Columbia Community
Please join us for our second EHS Weekly seminar featuring speakers from our Program to Inspire Minority Undergraduates in Environmental Health Science Research (PrIMER) . Please email event contact for details. Speakers will include:

Charlene Redhead, Mentor: Norman Kleiman,
Project: Heavy Metal contamination in Hair from Feral Dogs in Chernobyl

Dahiana Pena, Mentor: Matt Perzanowski, Project: Parasympathetic Nervous System Activity and Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction

Salwa Najmi, Mentor: Micaela Martinez , Project: COVID- 19 Disparities in NYC: Active Digitization and Analysis

Monique Slowly, Mentor: Regina Santella & Hui-Chen Wu, Project: Blood DNA Methylation and Liver Cancer: Evidence from Strong Heart Study


Fernando Luque