E2C2 Discussion on Applying the FAIR Data principles to Environmental Health and Climate Data

Environmental Epidemiology Climate Connections (E2C2, formerly EEC)
4:00 pm
5:00 pm
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Virtual / Zoom
E2C2 Discussion
Mailman School of Public Health
Research Resources, and the Departments of Environmental Health Sciences and Epidemiology
Open to the Columbia Community
Environmental Epidemiology Climate Connections, E2C2, formerly EEC: Join faculty, students, postdocs, and staff to informally discuss relevant topics in the field of environmental and climate epidemiology today. Led by Marianthi-Anna Kioumourtzoglou, Jeanette Stingone, and Robbie Parks. Our first meeting of the Spring 2022 term will be virtual via Zoom on Tuesday 01/25/2022 from 4PM - 5PM. Beginning in February, pending University stipulations, we hope to meet in ARB EHS Conference Room 1102 and to have Zoom simulcasts. We will meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month this Spring. Register for any of our currently scheduled Environmental Epidemiology Climate Connections (E2C2) Zoom meetings on the RSVP link. On 01/25/2022 the Discussion Topic will be Applying the FAIR Data principles to Environmental Health and Climate Data. We have 2 readings for background for the discussion: the FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship Scientific Data 2016; 3:160018
and the EU Child Cohort Network's core data: establishing a set of FAIR variables European Journal of Epidemiology 2021; 36:565-580. Please join us. We look forward to seeing you!


Craig Kandell