The Dean's Seminar Series on the Prevention of Incarceration

Asylums, Prisons, and the Political Economy of a Punitive Society: An American Genealogy of Morals
11:15 am
12:45 pm
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Bernard Harcourt
Julius Kreeger Professor of Law and Political Science at the University of Chicago, Stephen and Barbara Friedman Visiting Professor of Law at Columbia Law School
Lecture Series
Office of the Dean
Open to the Public
Dean Linda P. Fried and Dr. Lisa Metsch, chair of Sociomedical Sciences, are hosting a series of seminars that will apply a public health lens to the problem of incarceration in the United States.

Many of the factors in people's lives that create vulnerability to imprisonment are also key public health issues: early child development; environmental, socio-economic, mental and physical health; homelessness; drug abuse; violence; and others. Our school has committed to leading innovative analysis to understand this complex web of causes in new ways and to identify more effective approaches to prevention along these pathways.

This series will bring to the Mailman campus a diverse group of scholars, clinicians, criminal justice officials, and policy advocates—each of whom provides a unique perspective on incarceration as a significant social and public heath phenomenon, including its history, conceptual foundations, relationship to crime, and consequences for public health.

A light lunch will be served at each of the seminars in the series. Kindly RSVP to Chelsea Davis.


Chelsea Davis