Capturing Innovations in a Research Partnership

1. What is the invention? 2. Documenting the invention 3.Protecting the invention
4:00 pm
5:00 pm
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Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center Auditor
Dale Hogue
General Public Health
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Most Patents are Worthless – Create Valuable Patents

Only 26% of patents that are tried and result in verdict for the patent owner are both valid and infringed. Protectable Intellectual Property (IP) is essential for venture funding. Research collaboration with a goal of commercialization requires a coherent strategy to create enforceable IP assets that attracts funding. The steps to create a valuable IP asset is to determine, “what is the invention” , document the invention and convert it into a legally protected asset that can serve as vehicle to transfer the technology to a commercialization entity. Deciding what is the invention is often the biggest challenge. It must meet legal standards and also solve a need to be valuable. This seminar will discuss how to identify the invention, document it so that it ca be commercialized.


Elizabeth Pietrangelo