Bhaven N. Sampat, PhD

  • Professor of Health Policy and Management
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My research focuses on the economics and political economy of science and technology, primarily in the life sciences. My current projects examine: (1) The effects of the globalization of drug patent protection on innovation, prices, and access to medicines; (2) The impact of the World War II research effort on the rate and direction of postwar science and innovation, and on the scientists involved; (3) The role of the government in pharmaceutical innovation, and implications for public policy; and (4) The economics of crisis innovation and crisis innovation policy. My previous work includes research on the political economy of the the NIH, the economic impact of public science, patent data as economic indicators, the economics of the patent system, pharmaceutical and life science patent policy, and university entrepreneurship/technology transfer.

Academic Appointments

  • Professor of Health Policy and Management

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • M Phil, 2000 Columbia University
  • PhD, 2001 Columbia University

Committees, Societies, Councils

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research

Steering Committee, NBER Innovation Information Initiative

Steering Committee, Columbia University Precision Medicine and Society Program

Editorial Boards

Milbank Quarterly

Research Policy

Honors & Awards

2002-3. Faculty Member of the Year Teaching Award (School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology)

2001-2. Faculty Member of the Year Teaching Award (School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology)

2001. Dissertation "Essays on the Economics of University Patenting" Awarded Distinction (Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)

1996. Sanford Parker Award in Economics. (Columbia College, Columbia University)

1996. B.A. awarded with honors, summa cum laude. Elected to Phi Beta Kappa. (Columbia College, Columbia University)

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Award


Biomedical research policy Patent policy Cost-effectiveness analysis

Research Interests

  • Global Health
  • Healthcare Policy

Selected Publications

Mowery,David C.,Richard R.Nelson, Bhaven N.Sampat, and Arvids A.Ziedonis.Ivory Tower and Industrial Innovation: University-Industry Technology Transfer Before and After Bayh-Dole.Stanford: Stanford University Press,1994.

Gross, Daniel P., and Bhaven N. Sampat. Crisis Innovation Policy from World War II to COVID-19. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy and the Economy. National Bureau of Economic Research (2021)

Sampat, Bhaven N., and Kenneth C. Shadlen. "The COVID-19 Innovation System" Health Affairs 40.3 (2021): 400-409.

Sampat, Bhaven N., and Heidi L. Williams. "How do patents affect follow-on innovation? Evidence from the human genome." American Economic Review 109 (2019): 203-36.

Azoulay, Pierre, Graff-Zivin, Joshua, Li, Danielle, and Bhaven N. Sampat "Public R&D investments and private-sector patenting: evidence from NIH funding rules." The Review of Economic Studies 86 (2019): 117-152.

Li, Danielle, Pierre Azoulay, and Bhaven N. Sampat. "The applied value of public investments in biomedical research." Science (2017): 78-81.

Hegde, Deepak, and Bhaven Sampat. "Can private money buy public science? Disease group lobbying and federal funding for biomedical research." Management Science 61.10 (2015): 2281-2298.

Hemphill, C. Scott, and Bhaven N. Sampat. "Evergreening, patent challenges, and effective market life in pharmaceuticals." Journal of health economics 31.2 (2012): 327-339.

Sampat, Bhaven N., and Frank R. Lichtenberg. "What are the respective roles of the public and private sectors in pharmaceutical innovation?." Health Affairs 30.2 (2011): 332-339.