Seymour Spilerman

Seymour Spilerman

Seymour Spilerman

Julian Clarence Levi Professor
in the Social Sciences (in Sociomedical Sciences)



Dr. Seymour Spilerman, PhD, has written extensively about social stratification and organizational mobility. His research has examined the structure of work careers in corporate settings, focusing on the ways that educational attainment, labor market experience, race and gender influence work career features. Spilerman is also involved in cross-national research on issues of income and wealth inequality, financial gerontology, and intergenerational transfers of resources. International projects include household surveys in Chile and Mexico, in collaboration with Florencia Torche. Spilerman co-directs ISERP's Center for the Study of Wealth and Inequality. He is also co-Director of the Center for the Study of Wealth and Inequality at Columbia University.


PhD, 1968, Johns Hopkins University
MA, 1961, Brandeis University
BA, 1959, Pomona College

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