Seonjoo Lee

Seonjoo Lee

Seonjoo Lee

Assistant Professor of Clinical
Biostatistics (in Psychiatry)


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PhD, 2011, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
MS, 2005, Seoul National University
BS, 2003, Seoul National University

Editorial Boards

JAMA Psychiatry Statistical Reviewer

Honors & Awards

R01 MH124106

Select Publications

Lee S., Shen H. and Truong Y. (2020) Sampling properties of color Independent Component Analysis. Journal of multivariate analysis. Journal of Multivariate Data Analysis.
Park, H., & Lee, S. (2019). Logistic regression error‐in‐covariate models for longitudinal high‐dimensional covariates. Stat, 8(1), e246.
Lee, S., Habeck, C., Razlighi, Q., Salthouse, T. and Stern, Y., (2016). Selective association between cortical thickness and reference abilities in normal aging. NeuroImage.
Lee, S., F. Viqar, M. E. Zimmerman, A. Narkhede, G. Tosto, T. L. S. Benzinger, D. S. Marcus, A. M. Fagan, A. Goate, N. C. Fox, N. J. Cairns, D. M. Holtzman, V. Buckles, B. Ghetti, E. McDade, R. N. Martins, A. J. Saykin, C. L. Masters, J. M. Ringman, N. S. Ryan, S. Forster, C. Laske, P. R. Schofield, R. A. Sperling, S. Salloway, S. Correia, C. Jack, M. Weiner, R. J. Bateman, J. C. Morris, R. Mayeux and A. M. Brickman, (2016) Annals of neurology 79.6: 929-939
Lee S., Zipunnikov , V., Reich, D., Pham, DL., (2015) Statistical Image Analysis of Longitudinal RAVENS Images. Frontiers in neuroscience
Lee, S., Caffo, B. S., Lakshmanan, B., & Pham, D. L. (2015). Evaluating model misspecification in independent component analysis. Journal of statistical computation and simulation, 85(6), 1151-1164.
Lee S., Shen H. and Truong Y., Lewis, M., Huang, X., (2011) Independent Component Analysis Involving Autocorrelated Sources with an Application to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 106, 496, 1009-­1024

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