Norman Edelman

Norman Edelman

Norman Edelman

Adjunct Professor
Health Policy and Management


420 East 51st Street - 10f
New York NY USA 10022


Edelman is a senior academic physician whose current full time position is in the Departments of Preventive Medicine and Medicine at Stony Brook. A pulmonologist and systems physiologist with 27 years of continuous NIH funding. An administrator who has been dean of 2 NY area medical schools [Robert Wood Johnson and Stony Brook] for a total of 18 years and Vice-president for Health Sciences at Stony Brook 10 years. He has a long interest in Public Health having built new programs in each of the above schools. After a sabbatical at Mailman in Health Policy and Management he has developed his current interest in the health care workforce. He does research and and publishes in that area with both Mailman and Stony Brook colleagues.


MD, 1961, New York University

Academic Appointments

Professor, Preventive Medicine

Other Affiliations

Fellow, AAAS
Member, NYS Council on Graduate education
Member, Congressional Commission on Sleep research
Member, Society for Clinical Investigation

Honors & Awards

NIH Merit Award 1990-2000

Select Publications

Capacity for Development of Primary Care Residency Programs in Non-Teaching Hospitals in New York State; F Lima, K Goldsteen, RL Goldsteen, L Chiu, S Yagudayev, and NH Edelman; American Journal of Health Research, 3(1), 13-17, 2015
Projected Responses of Residency-Sponsoring Institutions to Reduction of Medicare Support for Graduate medical Education: A National Study; Riaz M, Palermo T, Yen M, Edelman NH, Academic Medicine; published online, March 2015; print version in press
Le monde changeant des professionnels de sante en Amerique du Nord et en Europe de l”Ouest: Lecons pour la France. GH Okma, J Rojas and NH Edelman; Le Revenu des Professions de Sante; 2014
N Edelman TB Ought Not To Be Public Service Review: European Union 19 2010
Specialties of Interest for Expansion of Residencies in ACGME Institutions: N. Edelman, R. Goldsteen, K. Goldsteen, S. Yagudayev, F. Lima, L. Chiu. Academic Medicine; 2013;88: 1287-1292
S Glied, AG prabhu and N Edelman The Cost of Primary Care Doctors Forum for Health Economics & Policy 2009
K pruitt, J Nolen, K Garcia-Reyes, N Edelman and N Schachter Improving Asthma Outcomes: Evidence-Based Health Policy Priorities Pediatric Asthma Allergey & Immunology 22 189-196 2009

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