Mary Clare Lennon

Mary Clare Lennon

Mary Clare Lennon

Professor of Clinical
Sociomedical Sciences


722 W 168 St., 9th floor
NY NY 10032


Dr. Mary Clare Lennon's recent research examines how the economic circumstances of families affect children's health, academic achievement, psychological well-being, and later life chances. Her work examines changes in family income over the course of children's lives and classifies families according to patterns of change. This research has found that poverty throughout childhood is especially detrimental for children while poverty experienced later is less so. Dr. Lennon is also interested in how social policies may affect low-income families and children. Until recently, she worked with the Research Forum at the National Center for Children in Poverty to understand the effects of welfare reform on women and their children. This work concerns efforts to understand how welfare reform was implemented at the state level from the perspective of welfare administrators, workers, and recipients. It also focuses on women who experience personal problems, including depression, substance abuse, and domestic violence, that may limit their ability to comply with the work-first requirements of the welfare system. Dr. Lennon has edited books in each of these areas, as well as written academic and policy reports. A third area of research focuses on understanding problems of homelessness. Research currently underway aims to develop typologies of individuals based on their patterns of homelessness over time, which can help identify groups of individuals at risk for chronic homelessness and may be used to specify the effects of interventions to prevent homelessness among those at risk.


Select Publications

Lennon, MC, Corbett T (eds) Policy Into Action: Implementation and Welfare Reform Urban Institute Press Washington DC 2003
Lennon, MC (ed) Women & Health: Work, Welfare and Well-Being Haworth Press Binghamton NY 2001
Lennon, MC, Blome J, English K Depression Among Women on Welfare: A Review of the Literature. Journal of the American Medical Women�s Association 57 27-31 2002
Keyes, Corey Handbook of Women and Depression Cambridge University press forthcoming
Lennon, MC, Appelbaum, L, and Aber, JL Circumstances dictate public views of government assistance National Center for Children in Poverty National Center for Children in Poverty 2003
Wagmiller, R., Lennon, M.C., Kuang, L., Alberti, P. and Aber, J.L The dynamics of economic disadvantage and children�s life chances American Journal of Sociology forthcoming

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