Jeremy Porter

Jeremy Porter

Jeremy Porter

Environmental Health Sciences



Jeremy R. Porter is a Lecturer in the Environmental Health Sciences Department with his primary duties being associated with teaching and advising in the area of Public Health GIS. Additionally, he is a Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York and holds appointments in multiple departments and institutes throughout the university. He currently serves as the Director of the Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences program at the CUNY Graduate Center and holds an appointment at Brooklyn College with affiliations on the faculty of the CUNY Graduate Center's Ph.D. programs in Sociology, Demography, and Criminal Justice. Recent research has been published in Annual Review of Public Health, Social Problems, Social Science Research, Sociological Forum, Social Science Quarterly, and many other social science/methods based outlets. His research has also been featured in over 100 unique press-articles including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Forbes, Axios, Miami Herald, PBS-NOVA, NPR, and many other popular press outlets.



Other, 2010, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Rice University
PhD, 2008, Mississippi State University
MA, 2005, University of Louisville
BS, 2004, University of Louisville

Mailman Affiliations

Lecturer, Department of Environmental Health Sciences

Editorial Boards

Editor in Chief, Spatial Demography
Editor, Journal of Maps-Social Science Section
Founding Editor, Spatial Demography Book Series (Springer)

Academic Appointments

Professor, Sociology, CUNY
Faculty Associate, CUNY Institute for Demographic Research

Honors & Awards

2012, Article of the Year Award: American Journal of Criminal Justice
2009, Paper of the Year Award: American Statistical Association, Social Science Section
2008, Paper of the Year Award: American Sociological Association

Areas of Expertise

Data Management, Data Science, Missing Data, Multilevel Modeling, Spatial Analysis, Disparities / Inequalities in Health, Social / Cultural Issues

Select Publications

2015. "Cure Violence: A Public Health Model to Reduce Gun Violence." Annual Review of Public Health. 36:39-53.
2012. Geographical Sociology: The Theoretical Foundations and Methodological Applications in the Sociology of Location. New York: Springer.
2015. Recapturing Space: New Middle Range Theory in Spatial Demography. New York: Springer.
2016. "Gender and the Mental - Physical Health Connection Among U.S. Adults" Sociological Forum . 31(4): 1104-1125.
2013. "Metropolitan Influence and Land Use Conflict in Potential Biomass Crop Production: A Spatial Demographic Analysis." Population Research and Policy Review 32.2: 285-310.
2012. "Spatial Context, Health Infrastructure and Inequality: A Structural Equations Approach to Understanding the Causal Determinants of Race-Specific Mortality Rates." Sociological Spectrum 32.4: 322-45.
2013. "Unpacking the Domestic Ecological Footprint of the U.S." Sociological Spectrum 33: 197-218.
2016. "Addictive Behaviors and Chronic Pain in a High Risk Population: The Simple and Confounding Effects of Multiple Addictive Diseases". Journal of Drug Issues 46(2): 135-147.
2016 "Examining the Effects of Health in Explaining Fear of Crime: A Multi-Dimensional and Multi-Level Analysis". American Journal of Criminal Justice . 41(3): 565-582.
2016. "Assisted Suicide and the Death Penalty: Examining Attitudes Towards State Sanctioned Death". Criminology and Social Integration . (2) 24, 1-23.

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