Faculty in the News

Mailman School of Public Health faculty are renowned scientists, practitioners, and educators working on the forefront of critical public health issues in the U.S. and around the world. They are frequently called upon by journalists to discuss their work and to comment on vital issues and events of our day.


 New York Daily News

Can We Conquer Loneliness In a Time of Social Isolation?

April 10

Dramatic Changes in Behavior Produce Flickers of Optimism

April 8

C.D.C. Releases Early Demographic Snapshot of Worst Coronavirus Cases

April 8

New York Daily News

Bias and Health Care Don't Mix

April 7



Leaders and Individuals Must Both Play Their Part in Public Health

March 26

New York Daily News

Careful How You Talk About Suicide, Mr. President

March 25

Why Coronavirus in Jails Should Concern All of Us

March 24

Travel and the Coronavirus: Answers to Your Top Questions

March 12

One Group of Older Americans Is Ignoring Coronavirus Advice: Members of Congress

March 11

New York Daily News

How the Have-Nots Are Coping With Coronavirus

March 9

NBC News

Coronavirus Fears Show How 'Model Minority' Asian Americans Become the 'Yellow Peril'

March 9

The COVID-19 Blame Game Threatens Us All

March 6


The Wall Street Journal

How to Prepare for the Corona Virus 

February 27

Are People in Their 70s Healthy Enough to Run the Country? Yes. 

February 24 

Trump's Xenophobia Could Create a Public Health Crisis 

February 21

Trump's Budget Would Cut Global Health Programs

February 11


Many in the U.S. Worry About Affording Healthcare in Retirement

February 11

Wuhan Coronavirus Looks Increasingly Like a Pandemic 

February 2


National Public Radio

In 'Sexual Citizens," Students Open Up About Sex 

January 23

What the 2020s Have in Store for Aging Boomers 

January 21

Researchers, Health Officials Call for a Unified Approach to Loneliness 

January 20

What the 2020s Have In Store for Aging Boomers

January 16

Sound and the City

January 15

U.S. Fertility Rate Falls to Record Low

January 10