Faculty in the News

Mailman School of Public Health faculty are renowned scientists, practitioners, and educators working on the forefront of critical public health issues in the U.S. and around the world. They are frequently called upon by journalists to discuss their work and to comment on vital issues and events of our day.



Epidemiologist: Drug Supply Fueled WVa Crisis Over Poverty Associated Press,
April 13

A Report on Violence Against Kids With Disabilities Is Sobering—If Not Surprising
April 12

U.S. Likely ‘Dramatically Undercounting’ Current COVID-19 Resurgence
April 13

Study Finds Uranium Contamination in Two-Thirds of U.S. Community Water System
April 7

Does Human Epigenetic Inheritance Deserve a Closer Look? 
April 4


A COVID-19 Spike Like the One in China Is Unlikely in The U.S.
March 31

Pressure Builds on White House to End Divisive Health-Border Policy
March 27

COVID’s Uneven Toll in Sub-Saharan Africa
March 23

PBS Newshour

What’s Driving the Dramatic Rise in Alcohol-Related Deaths During the Pandemic?
March 23

How Are We Watching for the Next COVID Variant?
March 22

Meet ElliQ, the Robot Who Wants to Keep Grandma Company
March 16


Allergy Season Will Begin More Than a Month Earlier
March 15

What Will Our Covid Future Be Like? Here Are Two Signs to Look Out For
(Op-Ed by Jeffrey Shaman)
March 5

Why Ukraine’s COVID-19 Problem Is Everyone’s Problem
March 2

New York City Is Rolling Back Pandemic Restrictions. Is It Too Soon?
March 1

Systems Thinking Can Improve Access to Digital Health Innovations
(Op-Ed co-authored by John Doyle)
March 1


By Now We Should Have Learned These 10 Lessons From the Pandemic
February 24

Increased Homicide Rates In U.S. Linked to Stand Your Ground Laws
February 22

The COVID Lessons Never to Forget
(Op-Ed by Wafaa El-Sadr and Ayman El-Mohandes)
February 17

Lifting Mask Mandates Too Soon Puts U.S. at Risk of Future COVID Variants
February 16

As Omicron Declines, U.S. Rethinks Mask Guidance and Covid-19 Measures
February 10

How New York City’s Hospitals Withstood the Omicron Surge
February 5

State Has Options to Extend Long-Covid Resources to Underserved Communities
February 4 

Omicron's Long COVID Is a Risk Not Worth Taking 
(Op-Ed by Norman Kleiman and Christine Kuryla)
February 1 


Yes, Omicron Is Loosening Its Hold. But the Pandemic Has Not Ended.
January 28

Six Strategies for Aging Successfully
January 21

Is Biden's Foreign Policy Grade A Material?
By Wafaa El-Sadr 
January 20

How Will Historians Judge President Trump?
January 9

Heat, Housing and the Horrific Bronx Fire
(Op-Ed by Diana Hernandez)
January 14

Congregate Shelters, No Place for the Homeless During Omicron
(Op-Ed co-authored by Ezra Susser)
January 12

As an E.R. Doctor, I Fear Health Care Collapse More Than Omicron
(Op-Ed by Craig Spencer)
January 10

How the Omicron Wave Will Be Different
(Op-Ed by Jeffrey Shaman
January 6