Office of the University Chaplain

Jewelnel Davis is the University Chaplain, Associate Provost and Director of the Earl Hall Center at Columbia University. Chaplain Davis came to Columbia in 1996 and is committed to the mission of the Earl Hall Center, which is etched in the stone of its threshold: Erected for the students that religion and learning go hand in hand and character grow with knowledge.

As the University Chaplain she works collaboratively with schools across the university to promote interfaith and intercultural awareness. With Columbia’s faculty, deans, administrative teams and students, Davis helps address issues of campus life in a diverse community of various religious backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, identities and values.

The Office of the University Chaplain designs and sponsors a variety of programs on matters of justice, faith and spirituality for small and large campus groups. The Office of the University Chaplain fosters learning and personal growth through spiritual, ethical, religious, political and cultural exchange.


Jewelnel Davis
University Chaplain and Associate Provost
Address: W710 Lerner Hall
Mailing Address: 2980 Broadway, MC 2008, NY, NY 10027
Phone Number: (212) 854-1493
Fax Number: (212) 854-5899

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