Disability Services

Disability Services office, a part of Columbia Health, facilitates equal access for students with disabilities by coordinating accommodations and support services. Disability Services works with students with all types of disabilities, including physical, learning, sensory, psychological, AD/HD and chronic medical conditions. Disability Services also provides assistance to students with temporary injuries and illnesses.

Accommodations are adjustments to policies, practices, and procedures that "level the playing field" for students with disabilities as long as such adjustments do not lessen academic or programmatic requirements. Examples of accommodations include administration of exams, services such as note taking, sign language interpreters, assistive technology and coordination of accessible housing needs. Accommodation plans and services are specific to the disability-related needs of each student and are determined according to documented needs and the student's program requirements. 

Registering with Disability Services

Registration includes submission of both the registration form and disability documentation provided by a licensed clinician. The application and guidelines for disability documentation are available online.

Students are encouraged to register with Disability Services at the time of their matriculation at Columbia University. Review of requests for accommodations may take two to three weeks to complete. Students are not eligible to receive reasonable accommodations until the entire registration process is complete.

Disability Services Liaisons

Columbia considers its faculty and academic program staff to be important partners in the University's efforts to reasonably accommodate students with disabilities. With this in mind, Columbia has established a network of Disability Services Liaisons to facilitate equal access to all University programs for students with disabilities.

The Disability Services Liaison for the Mailman School of Public Health is:
Meredith Ryer
Assistant Director of Student Support
Email: mr4075@cumc.columbia.edu

Housing Accommodations

Housing accommodations are available for students whose disabilities substantially limit their ability to live in Columbia's traditional housing arrangements. In collaboration with CUMC Office of Housing Services, these accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis, according to documented need and prevailing standards for accommodations. Housing accommodations are made after a determination of 1) the student's disability status, 2) whether his or her disability necessitates adjustments to the living environment, and 3) available housing options.

Campus Accessibility

Columbia is committed to fostering a campus that is increasingly accessible to people with disabilities. Each year Columbia removes physical barriers and makes significant accessibility improvements. While Columbia continues to improve its physical access, it ensures that all of its programs and activities are accessible to people with disabilities. 

If you have feedback or comments regarding your experiences on campus with respect to accessibility, please email Disability Services at access@columbia.edu.

Please be specific and provide as much detail as possible (i.e. building, time/date, location, circumstance). 

Learning Specialist

A Learning Specialist is available to meet with students with disabilities on an individual basis. Work with the learning specialist generally focuses on developing compensatory strategies and skills related to global learning concerns; for example procrastination, organization, note taking, test taking, or presentation skills, among other topics. Each student's specific needs are considered in determining the appropriate areas to be addressed. Students work with the learning specialist to establish priorities and determine a personalized agenda for their time together.


Medical Center Campus Office:
50 Haven Avenue, 105 (Please note the accessible entrance is at the 60 Haven Ave. building entrance located just north of 50 Haven Ave.)
Phone (212) 304-7029
Fax (212) 854-3448

Email: disability@columbia.edu

Morningside Campus Office:
701 Alfred Lerner Hall, MC 2605
2920 Broadway
New York, NY 10027
Phone (Voice/TTY): (212) 854-2388
Fax: (212) 854-3448

Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
103 Low Library, MC 4333
Phone Number: (212) 854-5511
Email: eoaa@columbia.edu 
Web:  http://eoaa.columbia.edu/

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