Transmission Guidelines

All students are required to have a Columbia University e-mail account and to check it regularly.  Furthermore, students are required to view the Transmission messages that are sent out two times per week, on Mondays and Thursdays. For student convenience, there is a web interface where content sent through Transmission are archived. This interface is the same location where posts to Transmission are submitted.  Additionally, this submission URL is located at the bottom of each e-mail sent.

Guidelines for Posting to “Transmission”

  • Content: Transmission is a vehicle for sending information to Mailman School students.  The scope of topics includes public health related events, announcements, as well as administrative messages.

  • Transmission is sent our twice per week. "Events Transmission," sent on Mondays, contains upcoming events on a Monday to Monday basis. "Transmission call to action," sent on Thursdays, contains important announcements from the Office of Student Affairs, members of the Office of Education, and the Mailman School at large.

  • Event and announcement submissions will also be available on the web interface.

  • Events will be announced on a Monday to Monday basis, allowing for consistency and reliability. High profile and in demand events will also be announced in "Transmission call to action" as decided by the Office of Student Affairs.

  • Submissions are reviewed by the OSA staff and may be edited before they are sent out in order to adhere to the formatting parameters of the technology. In addition, these policies may be changed and exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Office of Student Affairs.

How to Advertise an Event in Transmission

  1. Student events (academic and social) are planned by students, most often by established student groups. Please see the student organization handbook and student affairs staff members for more information.

  2. After an event is planned and a room secured, students may advertise the event in a number of ways.

  3. Events should be advertised through Transmission and the affiliated calendar of events. Transmission's weekly e-mails have information pertinent to the upcoming week; on a Monday to Monday basis for events, and Thursday to Thursday for announcements.

  4. Should you require your event to be advertised in the Monday email, it must be submitted through the calendar interface by close of business the prior Thursday. In essence, an event to be advertised on a Monday, November 24th e-mail, should be submitted by Thursday, November 20th. Timely submissions grant the Office of Student Affairs and Office of Communications time to prepare the weekly e-mail.

  5. Flyers are often another mode of advertising.  However, the Mailman School strongly encourages going green (see #3 above and #6 below).

  6. You may also advertise your event using the Student Affairs plasma screen located in the lobby of the Rosenfield Building.

  7. If your event/announcement requires it, you may submit a PDF, JPG, or GIF file to be attached to your posting. Please email these directly to %20cc3665 [at] (Carlos Correa), with the title of your submitted posting included. Possible files include handouts from a lecture, flyers for an event, or application forms. Although you may submit flyers to along with your events, we encourage you to reserve these primarily for the plasma screen. Please note that we cannot upload bitmaps (BMPs), Powerpoints, or Word Documents.