Hess Reservations and Policies

Hess Commons is a multi-purpose room located in the Allan Rosenfield Building on the Columbia University Medical Center campus.

Three calendar administrators oversee the reservation approval, modification, and cancelation processes:

ag418 [at] cumc.columbia.edu (Dora Gonzalez): requests from departments, faculty and staff

cmf2198 [at] cumc.columbia.edu (Christina Ferrari): requests from student organizations

pm2692 [at] cumc.columbia.edu (Paul McCullough)course scheduling

To book Hess Commons, use the online Hess reservations system. Simply click on "submit event" in the grey calendar box and make sure to allow for pop-up windows to use the date feature. Please note that academic use (course scheduling) is given priority over all other event requests.

Hess Commons scheduling follows the same timeline as CUMC classroom reservations. After courses are scheduled, all event requests must fall into the operating schedule. Please email an administrator above if you have questions about Hess Commons.

Hess Reservation Instructions

The Hess Commons reservations system enables you to view the availability of the Hess Commons and to submit a request to hold your own event there. Booking requests are managed by Student Affairs.

(Please note: All reservation requests are automatically vetted by the appropriate administrator prior to going live. Once you submit your request, you need do nothing more. You will be contacted via e-mail if your posting request is denied, or if the administrator needs more information from you before approving the request.)

General Submission Guidelines

Avoiding Duplicate Entries
To avoid submitting duplicate requests, please designate one person to submit the request when planning your event. However, if you do inadvertently submit a duplicate, please contact Student Affairs. The administrator will remove one of the entries for you.

Editing Your Event Posting
If your event submission contained an error, such as an incorrect time or place, simply contact the Office of Student Affairs to have it corrected. Please DO NOT submit the event again.

Reporting Outages or Other Technical Problems
If you experience technical problems when using the system, please contact ea2124 [at] columbia.edu (Tech Support). There is a link in the footer of every calendar page.

Calendar "How To"

The Navigation

The booking system enables you to view upcoming events so that you can see availability, as well as to submit a request to Student Affairs for your own booking.Select:  

  • "Calendar" to view the main calendar page  

  • "View by Month" to view a whole month's worth of events. (Events are listed by date beneath the calendar table.)  

  • "View by Week 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th" to view events one week at a time. (Events are listed by date beneath the calendar table.)  

  • "Submit Event" to complete an event posting request  

  • "Search" to find a specific event  

  • "Help" to learn about the calendar application's features and to go to the administrator-only area (Login required)

How to Change the Calendar View

The calendar display defaults to the current month with today's date in gold. To change the calendar view, select:  

  • The arrows on either side of the month displayed "<<  Current >>" to view the previous or next month's events 

  • Month & Year between the arrows to view all events for the month

  • A specific date within the calendar, e.g. 15, to view events on that specific day 

  • "1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th" (along the right side of the calendar table) to view events by week 

  • The event title (highlighted in blue in the event listing under the calendar) to view all available event details, e.g., sponsor(s) location, etc.

How to Search for an Event

If you want to see if a particular event has already reserved Hess, the search function enables you to search the entire calendar for events--past, present and future. There are two primary search options: Date/date range OR keyword.

Searching by date range

You can search for all events falling on or between specific dates. The default search range is 2 months.

  1. Enter your date range into the form using the "Date From" and "Date To" fields.

  2. Select "Submit" to run the search.

Searching by keyword

You can search for an event by any combination of keywords.

  1. Type all or some of the event title or Speaker(s) name into the appropriate field. Or, using the pull-down menus, select the relevant "Event Kind," "Location," and/or "Sponsor."

  2. Select "Submit" to run the search.

How to Submit a Booking Request

You can submit your own request to use Hess to Student Affairs. Once your request has been approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Note: The administrator has the right to refuse a request (based on departmental policy). If this occurs, you will receive an e-mail citing the reason. IMPORTANT: Your event will not display on the calendar until it has been approved by the administrator.

  1. Select "Submit Event" (located in the calendar navigation, right).

  2. Choose either "Submit a Single Event" or "Submit a Repeating Event." (Repeating events include those events that span multiple days.)

  3. Enter your event data into the online form. Note: * denotes required fields.

  4. Select "Submit" to send your request to the administrator for review.

  5. Enter your event data into page 1 of 2 of the online form. Note: * denotes required fields. To inputting dates for recurring events/events spanning multiple days or months:

    1. To enter the dates for your regularly scheduled or multi-day event, start by inputing the event start and end dates, e.g., if you want to schedule a weekly meeting every week for one year, your "From" date is the date of your first meeting and your "To" date is the date of your last meeting one year later.

    2. Choose the "Frequency"--Weekly or Monthly--and the specific day(s). For example, if your weekly meeting occurs every Monday, highlight Monday. If your monthly meeting occurs on the 27th of each month, highlight the 27th. If you have a 3-day conference, highlight Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Note: Highlight multiple days by pressing the <Ctrl> key while you make your selection.

    3. Enter the start and finish times for your event. Note: If the start/finish times of your event differ depending on the day, input the times for the first day; you will be able to set the times for the other days on the next page of the form.  

To set different start and finish times for each day of your event, simply:
Select "Submit" to proceed to page 2 of 2 of the online form.

  1. Go to "Event Date(s) & Time(s)" section at the bottom of the page.

  2. All your event dates will be listed. Choose the date for which you need to set the time.

  3. Use the pulldown menu to select the "Start" and "Finish" times. 

  4. When you have finished, select "Submit" to send your request; you should get a confirmation page saying that your request was sent.