Student Programming Resources

While students come to the Mailman School to learn about public health theory, practice, and research from extraordinary faculty, there are many opportunities to explore interdisciplinary programming within the field of public health in collaboration with peers. OSA engages students through responsive programs and services that enhance personal, academic, and professional development through the co-curricular experience. Recognized student organizations through the Office of Students Affairs may utilize funding to plan for such programming. Student groups have an allotted budget each semester.

Working with OSA

OSA representatives provide guidance on school policies and direction for accomplishing student group programming goals in a professional manner. The Program Coordinator of Student Engagement and Leadership is the primary student group advisor. 

  • Use this Programming Checklist to guide your programming choices and support your planning.

  • Use this Programming How-To document as a step- by- step walk through to help you understand the logistical processes for event planning

Working with Departments


Deans Office

If your group would like a Dean to attend or provide remarks at an event, please let OSA know, and we can provide you with further steps. Please keep OSA copied on all correspondence with Office of the Dean, providing the Dean and team preferably within 3-4 weeks’ notice. 

Communications, Alumni Affairs, Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion, and Career Services

If your group would like to work alongside with The Office of Communications, The Office of Alumni Affairs, The Office of Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion, and/or The Office of Career Services, please let OSA know and keep us copied on your correspondences. 

Also it’s best to provide each department at least 3-4 weeks’ notice. For scheduling, please contact:

Event Requests and Approvals

Student groups (in compliance with OSA guidelines) are able to plan events and create programming at the University. Each group is responsible and required to inform the OSA of meetings, programs, and events through the online platform OrgSync.

  1. To submit event requests, go to the “Events” tab in your OrgSync portal and then click “Create an Event”. Here, groups can submit event request while simultaneously creating an event for the OrgSync Calendar.

  2. Once your OSA group advisor approves the event request, events are automatically uploaded to the OrgSync calendar and groups can submit food orders to preferred/approved vendors (see below).

The School assumes no responsibility or liability for programming conducted by students on or off-campus that have not been approved by the OSA via OrgSync.


  1. When hosting an event, it’s important to consider what has already been scheduled during certain dates and times. Reviewing the OrgSync calendar and University’s Events webpage supports event scheduling during times that work best for your students, group members, e-board members, and guests. The primary calendar for all student life events will be the OrgSync Student Life calendar. If desired, student group events may be submitted to the school calendar through here.

*Please note the Mailman Events calendar only lists your event on the School calendar. Although you may be asked to select a room from the drop down menu on the form, a room will not be reserved. To book space, please see the following section “Reserving Rooms.”

  • A typical time slot for student programming is 11:30am-1pm.

  • Evening slots are typically held between 6:30-9pm.

  • Be mindful of Course Schedules, Core Exam Dates, and Dean-sponsored events, specifically “Grand Rounds” that are held monthly on select Wednesdays from 4-6pm.

Reserving Rooms

  1. To view space availability and reserve Hess Commons or the Mailman 8th Floor Auditorium, click here. Please read the room usage policies on their respective websites.

  2. For meeting or conference room reservations in the Allan Rosenfield Building (ARB), please visit this Meeting and Conference Rooms page.

  3. Classrooms in Hammer are available for use and can be reserved using the S25 scheduling system. In order to reserve through S25, students must set up a time to be S25 trained through Patricia Infante DeRozen,, or OSA.

    • Hammer Classsrooms with permanent laptops: LL103, LL203, LL204, and LL205


To further suppor the Paper Reduction Initiative, please utilize the following methods to advertise your programming efforts:

  1. Transmission: Events should be advertised through Transmission and the affiliated calendar of events. Transmission's weekly e-mails have information pertinent to the upcoming week; on a Monday to Monday basis for events, and Thursday to Thursday for announcements.

    • Should you require your event to be advertised in the Monday email, it must be submitted through the calendar interface by close of business the prior Thursday. In essence, an event to be advertised on a Monday, November 24th e-mail, should be submitted by Thursday, November 20th. 

  2. OrgSync: As an engagement network, OrgSync allows students to stay updated on campus programming sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs & Student Life

  3. LCD Screen Flyers: The digital signs in the lobby of the Allan Rosenfield Building (722 W.168th St.) are east to create and a great way to publicize Mailman School, CUMC, and Columbia University events. Here are some basic tips, templates, and guidelines for these electronic posters. Please contact Carlos Correa, Program Manager, Student Support Services and Operations, for tech support.


No student should purchase food, supplies, promotional items, or miscellaneous items on behalf of their programming efforts without prior consent from OSA. Doing so may jeopardize future budget allocations,. Moreover, all saught reimbursements must be explicity approved by OSA; any non-approved expenses are not guranteed to be reimbursed. 


The OSA approved list of vendors is divided into two categories and subcategories:

  • Preferred: vendors that provide invoices and accept payment after an event.

  • Special: vendors that require payment before an event (requires OSA purchasing card).

  • New: vendor that has never been paid by OSA. 

When creating an event, you will be prompted to select your food vendor, and once the event is approved, you may submit your order by printing out the food section of your event request and delivering it to your vendor. Please view a list of vendors and contact information here.

Please see other information regarding policies, procedure, and practice in this student group programming handbook.