Featured Projects

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C3 Fund

The Columbia Center for Infection and Immunity Coronavirus (C3) fund enables the development and scaling-up of cutting-edge diagnostic, serology (antibody) and therapeutic tools the world urgently needs to advance understanding of, and response to, coronaviruses.

Pandemic Impact

Our School has established the Pandemic Impact Fund to provide immediate financial support that enables our researchers to quickly respond to pandemics, starting with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Climate and Health

Looking ahead, one of society’s greatest challenges will be sustaining population health in the face of climate change.

Food Policy

The causes of obesity are myriad, but effective food policies at the federal, state, and local levels offer one critical solution.

Urban Health

Effective cities create healthy opportunities for the old and the young, ensure access to services and the benefits of urban life, promote equity, and achieve environmental sustainability.

Corporate Partnerships

We forge collaborations between companies and Columbia Mailman’s award-winning researchers to deliver cutting-edge translational research and solutions that meet critical business needs.