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Healthy Development of Children

With so much of our collective future depending on the wellbeing of children, we believe that they must do more than survive: they must thrive.

Food Policy

The causes of obesity are myriad, but effective food policies at the federal, state, and local levels offer one critical solution.

Climate and Health

Looking ahead, one of society’s greatest challenges will be sustaining population health in the face of climate change.

Urban Health

Effective cities create healthy opportunities for the old and the young, ensure access to services and the benefits of urban life, promote equity, and achieve environmental sustainability.

Columbia Population Health Partnership

To ensure we live longer lives at lower cost, we need to build better systems. Learn about the four ways the Mailman School is doing just that.

Our Work

We believe that health is a human right and the foundation for a successful society. Learn more about how the Mailman School is leading the way.