Online Learning at Mailman

Instructors will ensure academic continuity for our students with remote learning plans through CourseWorks and other technologies. Details of the remote learning plan for each class will be distributed by the instructor. While classes are being taught remotely, you will be provided with critical information on procedures and available assistance. 

  • Students must ensure that they are able to receive CourseWorks communications from instructors at your email address.

  • Students are responsible for checking for updates from your instructors and the School about remote learning plans.

  • The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) would like to hear about your experience with remote learning. If you are having academic, personal, technical issues related to remote learning, please feel free to stop by OSA on the north end of the lobby in the Allan Rosenfield Building, or reach us by email or phone at or 212-342-3128. You can also provide your feedback online.

Most remote learning plans will require you to log into CourseWorks and may include:

  • Remote Live Sessions: Attend a remote live session in Zoom at the same time that your class would normally meet

  • Recorded Lectures: Watch a recorded lecture posted in CourseWorks

  • Assignments & Assessments: Complete and submit written assignments or exams in CourseWorks

  • Discussion Boards: Participate in an online discussion forum in CourseWorks

Student Tech Resources

Classes missed on Monday, 3/9 and Tuesday, 3/10

Instructors will be communicating with their students directly about possible make-up classes, assignments, and presentations.