Sociomedical Sciences

The SMS Doctor of Public Health (DrPH), designed for individuals with an MPH, provides training in the application of social and behavioral science theory and research methods to critical questions in pubilc health. Student profiles, as well as our students’ publications, give a rich sense of the breadth of student work. Graduates go on to careers in research, teaching, advocacy, or public health programs, drawing on their training in social and behavioral sciences approaches to public health.

Students follow a course of study that brings the theory and methods of multiple social science disciplines to bear on a public health topic. Faculty mentors are primarily drawn from Sociomedical Sciences (SMS), but SMS DrPH students also work closely with Mailman School faculty from other departments.

Graduates apply behavioral or social science theory and methods to public health practice and policy. DrPH graduates have expertise in a specific area of public health and are prepared to train the next generation of public health master's and doctoral students in the current state of social science knowledge.

The department awards a number of fellowships to recognize academic achievement and support future scholarly success. Research experience is a critical aspect of graduate training, and so most fellowships and assistantships involve some form of research apprenticeship. For more information on the funding packages provided to students who matriculate in our doctoral programs, see the frequently asked questions.

Learn more about the DrPH on the SMS Doctoral Programs website