About Career MODE

The development of omics technologies and the use of the most advanced data sciences has transformed every biomedical field and provides a limitless potential to understand biological processes and develop new treatments for human diseases.

However, designing, executing, and analyzing data generated by these technologies requires significant expertise, notably missing in junior investigators. The Career MODE program: Careers through Mentoring and training in Omics and Data for Early-stage investigators was designed to train a new generation of diverse biomedical investigators and provide them with skills, knowledge, mentoring, professional skills, and networking to foster their pathways to independence using omics and data sciences.


The Career MODE mission is to identify, recruit, train, and mentor diverse cohorts of early-career scientists to provide tools and training on omics, data sciences, and professional skills and to create structured networks that promote successful independent researchers.

Program Overview & Key Characteristics

 This program offers:

  • A Hybrid (in-person and virtual) 11-month program for early-career investigators
  • A Network of internationally recognized leaders, mentors, instructors, and cohort members in omics and data science.
  • Two hand-selected mentors to work personally with you: one with experience in omics (either wet lab or population-based research) and one in data science.
  • A tailored curriculum aligning with your career goals
  • Networking roundtables and panel sessions 
  • Scholarships for 50% of trainees.

The Career MODE program is funded by the NIH/NIGMS as an Innovative Program to Enhance Research Training (IPERT) (R25GM143298). Click below to see program benefits.