Office of Field Practice

Dr. Linda Cushman
Associate Dean for Field Practice

In the Office of Field Practice (OFP), we provide resources and support to students seeking field experiences through the practicum program, volunteer and service-learning opportunities, and internships. We can help you find a practicum site that aligns with your interests and goals, and help you complete the necessary paperwork to make it happen. We advise individual students and groups on these and other related issues, and offer pre-departure orientations for selected international field sites.

Are you looking for a field experience in a particular location, related to a specific health issue, or with a certain organization? Are you planning to travel to a location that is unstable due to political unrest or other risks? Are you interested in a practicum at one of the Office of Field Practice sites or in an inter-professional service learning opportunity? We look forward to working with you!

Contact US

Stop by the Office of Field Practice located in Suite B2 of Tower 1, (60 Haven Avenue), within the Department of Population and Family Health. You can also reach us at 212-305-5157 or