MPH, MHA, DrPH students must fulfill departmental competencies as part of their Applied Practice Experience (APEx) graduation requirement. At Mailman, students must complete a Scope of Work form (SOW); the SOW needs to be approved by their academic advisor and their department coordinator prior to starting the APEx. As indicated in the table below, each department has specific hourly requirements regarding the field practice experience. More information on the details of departmental requirements can be found by clicking on the departmental tab or by reaching out to the contacts below.

Department Minimum Required Time Contact
Biostatistics 150-300 hours (Columbia MPH and Dual MPH) Justine Herrera
Environmental Health Sciences 150-300 hours (Columbia MPH and Dual MPH) Nina Kulacki
Epidemiology 280 hours (Columbia MPH)
140 hours (Accelerated MPH)
Dr. Batya Elul
Health Policy & Management 350 hours
Full-time summer practicum for 8-10 weeks
Marjorie Thomas
Population & Family Health

240 hours (Columbia MPH) 140 hours (Accelerated MPH)

Chelsea Kolff
Sociomedical Sciences 280 hours (Columbia MPH)
140 hours (Accelerated MPH)
Andrea Constancio