Faculty Voices

We've asked faculty to share a bit about their current research as well as their perspectives on the state of the healthcare landscape. 


Dr. Julius Chen discusses varius strategies that employers are piloting to improve health care delivery in his latest research article


Dr. Peter Muennig discusses the proposed Build Back Better bill and the historical problems that need fixing, such as the Cross Bronx Expressway. Learn more in his latest op-ed





Faculty Voices Archive

Narcan is the new Epipen, by Meg FitzGerald (December 2021)

Build Back Better With Bytes, by Dr. Peter Muennig (December 2021)

Why Hospitals Must Address Complex Patient Needs. And, Why they Currently Don't, by Dr. John McHugh (December 2019)

Maternal Mortality: A Call for Health Policy Action, by Dr. Jamie Daw (June 2019)

Using Behavioral Science to Support Disadvantaged Populations, by Dr. Kai Ruggeri (June 2019)

Disrupting the Conventional Wisdom About US Healthcare and Cultivating a Healthy Skepticism of What We Think We Know, by Dr. Miriam Laugesen (June 2018).

The Effects of Federal Indirect Cost Recovery Policy on Academic Institutions, by Bhaven Sampat (June 2018).

'Presidential Alert': 3 Reasons to be Concerned, by Dr. Irwin Redlener (October 2018).

US Aging Trends are More Alarming than We Thought, by Dr. John W. Rowe (November 2018). 

Thoughts on Science-Denialism and Nationalism at the End of 2018, by Dr. Chelsea Clinton (December 2018).

Studying the Relationship Between Fragmented Healthcare and Overprescribing, by Dr. Adam Sacarny (December 2018).