Board of Advisors

The Mailman School of Public Health Board of Advisors is a leadership body that provides knowledge and experience from the business, government, media, and non-profit sectors to help expand the School’s reach. Advisors provide counsel and support to the Dean, serve as ambassadors among friends, associates, and colleagues, and assist in the acquisition of essential resources for advancing teaching, research, and service.

Alan Batkin

Dave Chokshi

Julie Fisher Cummings

Chelsea Clinton

Dina Dublon

Jean Drouin

Dina Said Dwyer

Xue Fang

Debra Fraser-Howze

Linda P. Fried

Roslyn Goldstein

Adrian Gore

Peter Groves

Warren H. Haber

Robert E. Harvey

Andrew P. Heffernan

Ellen Hukkelhoven

Thomas Campbell Jackson

Frank R. Jimenez

Ellen Oran Kaden

Ann Kaplan

Igor Kirman


David Magstadt

Joshua Mailman

Phyllis Mailman

Cyrus Massoumi

Cora Neumann

Perri Peltz

Mary Lake Polan

Lila Preston

Paula Price

John W. Rowe

Carlos Sanchez

Peggy Shepard

Rajiv Singh

Jonathan Smidt

Diana L. Taylor

Linda Tharby

Ercument Tokat

Leonard Tow

Nancy Mensch Turett

Betsy Helen Williams

Jody Wolfe

Ian Woo

Anette Wu

Senior Advisors:

Susan Lasker Brody
Charles Diker
Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes, Jr.
Sherwin Z. Goodblatt
David Harris
Martin J. Oppenheimer, Esq.
William D. Zabel, Esq.

For questions about the Board of Advisors, please contact bj2296 [at] (Bethany Jankunis).