Self, Social, And Global Awareness (SSGA)

The Self, Social, and Global Awareness (SSGA) series at the Mailman School of Public Health provides students with foundational knowledge and skills necessary for creating an inclusive environment and promoting health equity. Sessions focus on exploring identity, privilege, and power and developing consciousness essential for meaningful cross-cultural relationships at the individual, group, and organizational level. Please keep a lookout for more updates on SSGA 2021.

Teacher Assistant Training

All new TAs attend a workshop on creating inclusive classrooms. During TA training, TAs discuss the significance of social belonging to academic success and strategies for creating inclusive classrooms.  

Faculty Inclusive Institute

During the Faculty Inclusive Teaching Institute, faculty explore the adaptive and technical challenges to creating inclusive classrooms and discuss approaches to inclusive pedagogy. Mailman faculty participate in an Inclusive Teaching Institute on how to create learning environments conducive to the development of structural competency and cultural humility. Please click here for the Guide for Inclusive Teaching at Columbia.  

Upcoming workshop dates will be posted shortly.


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