Graduation Application

Please review all the information listed below prior to submitting your application.

Some Helpful information Before submitting your application

As you fill out your Application for Graduation, please be ready to provide the following information:

  • Contact information (Name, UNI, Phone Number, and Permanent Email Address)
    • The name you provide in the application will be the name displayed in the Mailman School Commencement program. It will also serves as the name announced while crossing the dais at this years Commencement Ceremony. Be sure to include all first, middle, and surnames you wish to be listed and read aloud. If this name differs from what is listed on your Academic Record (your name listed in SSOL), the name listed on your  Academic Record will be the name written on your diploma when mailed. Should you wish to change the name on your Academic Record (subsequently changing your printed name on the diploma), please submit a Name Change Affidavit to the Registrars Office.
  • Degree, Certificate/Track (if applicable), and Department
  • Number of Completed Credits (Please take the time to review the minimum number of credits necessary to graduate from your program by visiting the appropriate Student Handbook).
  • Diploma Address
    •  Your diploma will be mailed to the Diploma Address listed in SSOL typically 6-8 weeks after graduation. A Diploma Address that is missing may result in a delay of receipt of your diploma. Please visit SSOL and ensure you have the correct Diploma Address listed. Take into account any moves you may do in the months following graduation. Please also note that a 'Mailing Address' or 'Permanent Address' is not a Diploma Address, it is its own category.

Degree Requirement Checklist

All students (except for doctoral DrPH students) completing the application must fill out an annotated checklist and upload it with their application. Checklists to all major programs can be found at the links below.1

On your checklists please make the following annotations (sample annotations can be found below):

  1. Please mark off any courses you have completed with an "X" or Check mark.
  2. Please mark off any courses with an "IP" which are currently In Progress. These may be courses in which you are currently enrolled in or will be completing this summer.
  3. If you have received a course substituion for any of the requirements listed on your program, please indicate this by writing in the course you're using to fullfil that particular course requirement.

This annotated checklist must be submitted with your application. We advise students to have a scanned copy of their checklist ready to upload when submitting the application. When saving your checklist, please name it as "Last name, First name - UNI".

1Accelerated MPH and Dual Degree MPH students are able to access checklists via the MPH Course Requirements Database by selecting "Accelerated MPH" or "Dual Degree" as their certificate. (Instructions on downloading the appropriate checklist for the Columbia, Accelerated, and Dual MPH can be found here.)


Links to Checklists


Master of Public Health Checklists
Master of Health Administration
Master of Science
Executive Masters of Healthcare Management
Executive Masters in Epidemiology

Links to Applications (Organized by Department)

Students with questions, concerns or trouble accessing their application should contact the Office of Student Affairs.